Our instructors come to our host pool with all the tools necessary for a 25 minute swim lesson.  

Our host pool is located just a short drive off of Interstate 8 and 16th Street in Yuma.  More details will be provided once scheduled.  Lessons are required to be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

Lessons are scheduled at your convenience based upon instructor and pool availability. You may schedule with the same instructor for each lesson or based upon the time you would like the lesson. We have daytime, evening, and weekend time slots available on a first come first serve basis. 

Why Choose US

  • Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88% in children ages 1-4, according to the National Institute of Health.
  • Lessons in our pool are more effective than learning the skill elsewhere. Our pool is not a public pool and we don’t operate group swim lessons so you won’t have the distractions that other swim programs have.
  • Private lessons give your swimmer 5 times as much practice and skill development.  In group classes your swimmer only gets between 5-8 minutes of actual swim time because they’re sharing with others.

Types of Lessons


Infants from 6-12 months in age may register for these lessons with a parent or other familiar adult accompanying in the water. 

Curriculum: water acclimation, breath control, underwater exploration, safety skills

These lessons are NOT infant self rescue curriculum.


Toddlers from 12-35 months in age may register for Parent & Toddler lessons. A parent or other familiar adult must get in the water with the child and instructor for these lessons. 

Curriculum: floating, scooping/kicking with support, breath control, entering/exiting the water, holding on to the wall


Child swim lessons are available for children 3+ years in age. 

Curriculum:  Initial lessons focus on developing skills to swim back to the pool wall and exit the water. Continued lessons work on stroke development.


It’s never too late to learn. 

Did you know that if a parent doesn’t know how to swim their child is unlikely to learn how to swim as well?

Swimming can help with personal fitness, reduce pain, increase safety, and ease anxiety when recreating around the water.

What's Included in Our Packages:

  • Swim lessons for one swimmer with an experienced instructor 
  • Admission to our pool host for the instructor and swimmer
  • Flexible scheduling and appointment reminders so you never have to miss a lesson you’ve paid for again


(valued at over $200)


  • Our NEW program handbook to set you up for success and answer all your questions about swim lessons
  • Our downloadable swim lesson prep checklist to make prep for each lesson quick and easy

Private Lesson Packages

Private lessons have one swimmer in a 25 minute lesson. These lessons typically have the best skill mastery and learning retention.

When families have back to back lessons at the same pool, packages may be split between family members for the best value.

4 Lessons - $289


Valued at over $400
$72.25 per lesson


8 Lessons - $529

Valued at over $650
$66.12 per lesson

12 Lessons - $769

Valued at over $950
$64.08 per lesson

Semi-Private Lesson Packages

Semi-private lessons have two swimmers in the same 25 minute swim lesson. Additional swimmers beyond 2 total requires prior authorization.

These lessons are best for twins, friends in the same grade level, siblings close in age with the same skill level, or adult friends with similar swim goals.

4 Lessons - $195 per swimmer

Valued at over $500
$48.75 per lesson per swimmer

8 Lessons - $365 per swimmer

Valued at over $900
$45.62 per lesson per swimmer

12 Lessons - $534 per swimmer

Valued at over $1,300
$44.50 per lesson per swimmer

Not ready for a package?

Book a trial lesson


A single lesson for one participant at your pool is $80.



A single lesson for two participants in the same lesson at your pool is $110.