3 Pool Alarms to Protect Your Family

Learn more about what pool alarms do and why you need one to protect your family.

How many barriers do you have in place to protect your family from getting into the pool unsupervised?  Most families have only 1-2: a locked door and a pool fence.

However, children can unlock doors or crawl through pet doors.  Pool barriers can be climbed over in the most unexpected ways. Just watch this video of a two-year-old climbing a safety fence here:


Barriers to reaching the pool are necessary, but you can have one more precaution to protect your family and that is a pool alarm. Pool alarms sound when the surface of the water is broken. Most have an outdoor alarm but have a loud battery operated remote that sounds inside to alert the adults inside.

Alarms can take a little patience to configure to the appropriate sensitivity, but once established could save a family member’s life – and that includes pets too!

Check out these pool alarms that might be a great fit for protecting your family:


1) Life Buoy

This pool alarm is my favorite on this list! It seems to be the easiest to use and even includes an app that connects via Bluetooth to help arm and disarm the alarm a little more easily than the other two devices listed.  It can be used on pools, spas, and even garden ponds.  The alarm appears to sound loudly and the device can be tethered in the pool should you so choose. BUY NOW>>Life Buoy Brand Alarm

2) Pool Guard Alarm

The Pool Guard Alarm sits on the edge of the pool and monitors for water motion.  This alarm is supposed to be able to sense a small child falling into the water, but not be as sensitive to things like balls or diving sticks falling into the water.

To use this alarm, you’ll need to adjust your pool filter’s eyeball sockets to point down so they don’t disturb the water’s surface when your filter is running. You’ll put the alarm on the long side of your pool towards the center.  There’s a great instructional video to help you install this correctly. BUY NOW>>

Pool Guard brand alarm

3) Pool Patrol

This alarm works on both above ground and in-ground pools.  It floats on the surface of the water and with the appropriate level of motion according to its settings it will sound the alarm. This model recommends being tethered to keep it from bumping into the sides of the pool.  Large pools may need two devices to ensure it will alarm appropriately. BUY NOW>>

Pool Patrol brand alarm

How do you make your pool safer when the weather cools down? Let me know in the comments! We’d love to share your tips!

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