5 Amazon Prime Day Deals for the Pool

Get the tools your child needs to practice their new skills from swim lessons even after the instructor has left your home.

Most of us all love Amazon Prime Day! It’s finally the chance to score some deals for the items we’ve been needing or just wanting, but waiting for the right time to splurge!

I’ve scoured the deals today and found some that you should be interested in for your family when you’re around the water!

1) Watermelon Balls

It’s one of our favorite toys for swim lessons!

This ball comes with a hose attachment that you use to fill the ball with water. When filled to the right level (it’s easy!) the ball will float just under the surface of the water, much like a real watermelon would.  These balls are great to pass back and forth while your child practices treading water.  It’s just distracting and fun enough that the challenge of treading water gets forgotten about.

2) Ride On Unicorn Pool Float 

Pool floats can be a hazard when they have an open middle for a child to get stuck in and tip over.  This one has a filled center providing less risk.  For the kids not so into unicorns there’s also this dragon float!


3) Mesh Pool Toy Bag

This bag is sold as a bag for sea shells, but the real magic comes from putting your kiddos pool toys in it.  The toys are often still wet when they get put away.  If toys are left in a bucket, the water that drips off of them can get gross over time.  Putting toys in this bag lets them dry out.  Just hang the bag on a Command hook and return to clean and dry toys the next play time!


pool toys4) 24 Pack of Pool Toys

This is the great starter pack for your kiddos to have at home while learning how to swim. Don’t forget the mesh bag above to help store the toys!



5floating hammocj) Floating Hammock

When you finally have a minute without the kiddos, relax in the pool with this floating hammock! You can choose a round chair option or the long oval laying option to relax in!


Don’t let Amazon Prime Day deals be the end of items you get to help your children become strong and confident swimmers.  Check out our list of toys that we recommend and use in our lessons!

Disclaimer: Some of the links above I get a small percentage of the sales in return at no additional cost to you.  Some of these companies may also provide complimentary toys for our swim lesson buckets. 

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